Hello, and welcome to my new blog: JazzCoffeeStuff.

As the name suggests this blog is about two of my favourite topics: jazz and coffee (and other “stuff”!)

The specialty coffee business is a difficult one to navigate, I do not feel right in slating any roaster/producer. Coffee choice is personal and just because I do not bond with a coffee doesn’t mean it is “bad”. As such this blog will only feature positive coffee reviews, I do not write about every coffee I drink - only the particularly good ones!

I have no affiliations or monetary interests in any coffee business nor am I paid to review or feature coffees – this is merely a passion project.

I have been an avid jazz fan for a long time and listen to pretty much every type of jazz from the earliest swing through to the latest releases. I want to make jazz more accessible so I will shy away from highly technical analyses (although those are interesting too) – hopefully making it fun and providing an easy introduction to the genre!

In blog posts I try and include album artwork where appropriate – this is done using a fair use law for the purposes of identification.

If you would like to get in contact please feel free to do so via twitter (@jazzcoffeestuff) or via this blogs email address: email